Correct Diagnosis

Taking into account the numerous medical studies, it can be concluded that about 80% of people have ever experienced back pain. For many people, it occurs regularly or at all and is chronic. In this case, the causes of back pain and disorders of its cause is not known if the unit is fairly small percentage of people. As a rule, a person almost any back pain, regardless of its form, cause and duration called radiculitis. And since, in a sufficiently large number of cases, the pain after some time passes, then to understand its causes no longer appears to be really necessary. Therefore, a person with the next occurrence of back pain, using the already familiar and often advertised drugs and ointments, once again, relieve pain without thinking that the reason for the appearance of pain and does not stay the removal and remind yourself Once again, in this case, perhaps more severe pain and consequences. In the end, back pain often take a chronic character, and only if a person goes to the doctor and trying to figure out what is the reason, unless of course its aim is not to receive information about stronger analgesics, which again launches it on the same circle. However, interested and find out the cause of pain is not so easy. Since not only patients can not draw from any source necessary amount of information, but the doctors themselves, in a sufficiently large number of cases, almost all types of back pain is called either radiculitis, or osteochondrosis.