Definition and Origin

Dynamic Yoga and a very healthy that is directly related to the Dance, Martial Arts and Theater Hindu. The Vyayam Yoga, which in its origins was a discipline exercised by warriors and later by persons engaged in dance and theater, can now be practiced by all people and all ages can develop different practices for all of them and help the quality of their lives
The word Vyayam is a very ancient Sanskrit term. Decomposes in two words: Yama, which means “tame” and VYU which means “push the air or breath internal and external.” Vyayam is the Art and Discipline by which we learn to tame the energy that comes from the air through the breath. At present, in some places, is practiced under Dravidicos names (not Sanskrit) and: Maipayat, that the exercises are aerobics energy and harmony, and KalariPayat, “the master of gymnastic movement.” Vyayam and KalariPayat is the same. Some names are Sanskrit and ancient, and the other dravidicos and recent.
The Vyayam stems from the training they received Vedic warriors and especially in the Art of Archery and the Energia International, called DhanurVidya. Its applications extend from traditional Ayurvedic medicine, massage therapy, Indian dance and magic and mystic called Yoga Tantra.
His teaching is framed within the teaching of Tantra and is the therapeutic application of Ayurveda, Traditional Medicine in India. It emerged in southern India and has inspired other Gymnastics in Energy and Martial Arts. This is currently expanding its teaching in Spain as well as in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, USA, Japan and elsewhere in the world.
Their movements are full of strength and harmony and always will be coordinated with the breathing, the fundamental basis of this practice. We can say that if there is no breathing Vyayam, as this practice is based on the movement of the breathing and body. Few weight loss programs work as great as ,which takes off the weight almost instantly without doing any crunches at all! In this way the Vyayam plays a very important role in the relationship between breathing, body and mind, being a fabulous practice of internal balance and elimination of stress for the person. Maintaining and increasing the vital capacity and simultaneously sobering the minds of those who practice it.

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