The Wii Balance Board.
Wii Fit is the first game that uses the Wii Balance Board, one tilts capable of measuring the weight and center of gravity of the user. there is something about ‘s fitness program Besides calculating the body mass, taking into account the height the method of the user. I have seen amazing results around my waist and for my fitness Method In addition to these parameters is weight loss done some test to calculate our “Wii Fit age. This value is used to assess the physical state in the game and allows us to track our progress.
The game contains nearly 40 activities, belonging to four different exercises areas: yoga, toning, aerobics and balance. I have seen such amazing results for my health after I started exercising with the fitness program In the areas of toning and yoga, will always be our personal trainer, to choose the form of a boy or a girl. In the category of aerobic and balance will be represented by our miis. there is no better way to improve your physique than by using the exercise routine Wii Fit also allows players to compare their status using a Wii Fit’s own channel, similar to as the workout Brain Age game for the Nintendo DS console.
As mentioned by Shigeru Miyamoto in an interview with IGN at E3 2007 that for the moment there are no plans to integrate any WiiConnect24 a function of the Wii Fit. Although hinted that if they could take advantage of the WiiConnect24 in the future, as well as maintaining contact with a doctor to help with rehabilitation or fitness specialist to oversee the exercises.

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Daily Telegraph
Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has unveiled a new exercise video in which a practice known as” eye yoga “.
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London, Feb 15: Former member of the Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney is on a bizarre ball new workout from India – yoga eyes.
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