Eco-Friendly Repair

Did you know that the air in homes in which we live, 6-8 times dirtier than outside? So say environmentalists and difficult to disagree. And blame – finish. So what are the materials used for decoration apartment? And I know you will say – the tree – it's the most environmentally friendly material. But the tree will not last forever, if you do not cover with varnish. A lacquer – it's chemistry. What's the solution? Do not buy cheap synthetic lacquers.

We now turn to tile. It is also ideal from an environmental point of view of finish. But pay attention to the glue, which need to stick the tiles that are its members. If the adhesive contains phenol and toluene – Find another brand. For example, tile Adhesive basis – its structure only natural substances.

Moreover, in the presence of a huge variety of adhesive from tile adhesive based bazpliks T-10 tile adhesive reinforced fixation based belpliks T-17, which would make your best choice. Vinyl wallpaper – they do not breathe, that is not breathable, so sometimes between them and the wall formed by mildew. So it is better to use the hallway and kitchen. And in the nursery perfectly suited Paper wallpaper. Or there is another option clean finish in the living rooms – water-based paints. They are safe because they do not contain solvents. But in order to paint a wall, it must prepare it well – putty and smoothed. And here we must carefully consider the choice of materials. Look closely at osnovitu – to plaster, dirt – what it says in the instructions, of which it consists. Surely this will be what you are looking for. So that the choice of materials for repair of flats should be approached not only from the standpoint of aesthetics, but also environmentally friendly. It's your future health and that of your children. Do not forget about it!