Ovulation Facts

Another way is to test for ovulation. " If you have received a positive result in the first month when you use it – it's excellent. If passed 3 cycles with no positive result, it could mean either that the test is not sensitive enough, or you do not ovulate. In any case, consult Reproduction. Try to keep your weight normal. Y Many women on ovulation affects weight. In general, the closer your actual weight to the ideal inscribed on the statistical tables of parameters of the body, the better.

Doctors have found that body fat can actually produce and accumulate estrogen – a hormone that prepares the body for pregnancy. When the total amount of estrogen in the body are too high or too low, the overall balance of hormonal system can be broken. Research carried out endocrinologist – a specialist in reproduction, Dr. m .Uilyamom Bates, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology and dean of the Medical Faculty of South Carolina College of Medicine, showed that a 29 slim and neovuliruyuschih Women began ovulation after they put on weight so much to get into these 95% of the ideal. In another study, Dr.

Bates in 11 out of 13 neovulirovavshih women are overweight ovulation was restored after they lost weight. Select the correct time for conception. "If ovulation occurs normally, it may be that you're not making love at the moment when you are most fertile. It is possible for a simple explanation for lack of Pregnancy – says Dr.