Energy Vampires

If you believe in energy vampires, you probably had at least once in their lives collide with a person who is fueled by your energy. In appearance it is no different from any other person, and he does not no signs to guess that it is energy vampire. This is quite an ordinary man like any other. However, talking to him for a while, you feel tired, fatigue, depression and loss of strength. Often a headache. Bucket feeling of emptiness. Spoil the mood. And then you have some time to get in shape, recover.

And if it is repeated, if your meeting with this person regular, and they end with the above symptoms, then one or you make a conclusion, or someone to help you make it. And this conclusion is very simple: a person with whom you sometimes have to communicate is energy vampire. It feeds your energy, and therefore, after each such meeting, you feel bad. That's all the explanation. Indeed, with this explanation is difficult to argue. Especially when it falls on fertile ground beautiful legends about vampires, which dropped hundreds of thousands of movies and written books. But if vampires who feed on the blood, remains a legend, a story about energy vampires quickly become overgrown with flesh and blood rather simple and elegant explanation that sounds very plausible. Judge for yourself: if we communicate regularly with the person and then feel the loss of strength and weakness, what is it but the fact that the bad man taken away from we are part of the energy? Of course it is.