The Plant

The vessel with the plant cucumber include in the pan, on any pedestal so that it does not touch the bottom. Required gap 1,5-2 cm advisable to use a reduced size of pebbles or something like that. When growing cucumbers on windowsill hydroponic way holes in the vessel makes at need. To control the level of the feed solution in this case a rubber or plastic tube with a diameter of 2-3 cm in height above the filled level at 2-3 cm bottom of the tube must have no straight cut, and toothed like a better penetration of fluid into the cavity of the tube when replacing the mortar and other manipulations. For irrigation water and Fertilizer mixtures for growing plants in the soil and to replace and supplement the feed solution during the growth of cucumber plants on the windowsill hydroponic method must have device in the form of pear (syringe). Use of such funds creates a great inconvenience. The first is that they have a small capacity (up to 0,2-1 l), a very small hole, so spent a lot of time on the fence fluids and most importantly – poor data quality tools. Therefore, to ensure quality of irrigation to avoid erosion of the root system and the formation of depressions (holes in the ground) for irrigation, it is advisable to produce the most irrigation capacity.

You can use the packaging from the detergents and other chemicals funds for the cucumber on the windowsill, he built a screwable plug rubber hose with a diameter 0,8-1 cm and a length of 30-35 cm special attention when choosing the cookware should be paid to its elasticity, rougher than a vessel, the better, faster will be drawn into it liquid. In preparing the substrate (expanded clay, gravel) for use at the beginning and again need to have a sieve, and capacity for steaming and . You need to have at least 2 cans. In only one round pliers edge, the other to the whole riddle awl diameter 2-2,5 mm. Punching holes should be done from the inside to inside the bank's surface was smooth. This is a sieve, so it is called, will serve to rinse the substrate before its use. The holes should be done as often as possible and uniformly, under this condition is achieved more qualitative treatment fractions and the purity of the substrate. To get fresh vegetables in winter or early spring when cultivation of cucumber on the window sill, you must have some means for growing seedlings in late or very early. This device can serve for stanochek for growing seedlings and cucumber tomatoes in a short and often cloudy days of autumn-winter period.