EU New Car – The Smart Choice When Buying A Car

Not just since yesterday, there is the possibility to save money when buying a car with EU money for new cars. EU produces cars are vehicles that were not built for the German market, but for the market of another country of the European Union (EU), such as the Netherlands and Italy were. As the customer requirements in different EU countries vary in part, can be imported vehicles from the EU some discrepancies in the standard equipment on vehicles of the German market have. Vessels from Spain and Italy have more often been an air-conditioning as standard as standard while vehicles from Scandinavia often have a seat heater on board, the quality of the vehicles is the same. But what is the advantage of so-called EU imports Then apply in different EU countries, different tax rates, may show that car buyers in the open market to make use. Buys a Dutchman in his home a car, he must pay the price of the car, a luxury tax, making the price withoutTaxes by manufacturers are often at a lower level is>. If the vehicle is transferred to Germany, this tax must not be removed, creating a price advantage arises. Also, the vehicle prices in the purchasing power of the population of each country to be adjusted. This EU vessels can often have up to 30% price advantage compared to the German list price!