What Is Art

What is art Hardly an issue has led to so many controversial discussions. But to be on a small statement which all can agree: From the dawn of man, there was a desire for more than just the Existenzssicherrung. Knochenschnitzerreien, wall paintings and jewelry show this. All cultures of the earth used to, and used their own expression in the form of ornamentation, vivid images, music, fairy tales and stories, body jewelry and the like. In our modern world in which we are daily exposed to an abundance of arkustischen and visual stimuli, many people have become mere consumers. We turn on the radio and let us sprinkle, but few play a musical instrument. We read daily newspaper or a new novel, but write it yourself, and who does not So it is with painting. Few people now and again take up the brush or pen. Also in the curricula of schools in the area of music, crafts and art has been increasingly reduced. I think that’s a pity, since it is a creative activityEducation is important for the personality. This I can watch as course director for painting again. In my painting courses, I can always watch how much joy and self-discovery can trigger creativity and there is also no age limit! So, maybe you try it once.