FAMILY BUSINESS and its economic impact

A family firm is seen when much of the property belongs to a family whose members intervene decisively in the administration and management of the business. Family businesses as sambilan business sarawak structure, are the dominant figure in the world, employ millions of people and generate a considerable amount of wealth. although duit internet it is unclear exactly what percentage of them are familiar, the most conservative figures show maylasia that between 65 and 80 of companies in the world are familiar and also generate approximately 50 of management gross domestic product worldwide. economy Other approaches have been directory made by region and it is estimated uptrend that marketing in Latin usahawan America In Latin America between 65 and 90 of businesses are family and johor generate between 50 investment and 70 of strategy GDP in the region. international In Mexico, also family businesses predominate over other forms of organization. kuching Approximately 98 of Mexican firms are small and medium enterprises. The vast majority of these are familiar character corporate in the same way that most large companies are also controlled by a family. Director of UBG berhad We could say conclusively that over 90 of Mexican companies are established under the control and ownership of company one family, revealing jalan their important contribution to jutawan economic and social pendapatan development of our country. Family businesses employ langkawi 72 of the country’s workforce and generates about 52 of GDP, berhad these figures show the great importance of family businesses in the economic and sales social environment of the country, so it is considered that hotel the basis celcom of our economy is melaka the Family Business. In addition, there are a large number of family organizations that are part of the informal sabah economy. Most, if not all of the small informal businesses are operated by family members. Many of these families had some success after joining the formal economy and perniagaan making it positively impact the country’s economy. Other figures 65 of SMEs disappear before the second year of kuala life, 80 fail within five years and 90 did not reach the 10 years. The remaining 10 , achieved mature, grow and succeed but the life expectancy of a Family Business in Mexico is 25 years since only 40 of perak these tourism firms are able to successfully financial pass the second generation and only 15 of all make it to shopping the third generation. There may be many reasons behind the death of family johor bahru businesses, lack of competitiveness, low liquidity, capital dissociation, problems or conflicts of interest between shareholders and others, but most common is the kereta simple, little planning in buat duit the process of generational change, situation that stems from a lack of institutionalization in the company, subject to be discussed in our next installment. It is an important issue because at stake is selangor not only the heritage of the families but also the closure of companies creates a strong impact on the Mexican economy as the loss of jobs, the dilution of capital, investment and stagnation in payments tax, factors that impact the country’s economy and limit its growth.