Sales Strategies

1.La first without doubt is that we all know and most used at the first hint that the market hardens. I refer of course to lower prices. It is a useful strategy but deadly, recruitment agency because if we go down, competition can do it too, and we only managed to lose all profit margins and continue to compete with the same problems as before but with less margin. I personally run away from such strategies and so I recommend it to our customers. recruitment 2.La second is to supplement our sales with prizes or gifts. This reduces our margin and should be studied very well as it can be a double edged sword, which is that if we abuse our product or service that may be linked to the gift and then be much more difficult to sell without it. We will achieve sales in the short term, with little room for us and probably medium-term problems. 3.La third is to take bids, which means different things to lower recruiters prices or give away anything. I refer to create combined product packages that offer added value and thus headhunter be able to offer a lower price than buying them individually. Narrow margin but increase sales logistics jobs volume. Ideally, this point is to include any product or service that has employment agency no competition for that in no case can match recruiter and that is totally unique in the market. And additionally in the future we can re-sell them separately with their prices unchanged. 4.La fourth is to build services manager job that tie the customer over a period of time, as this will allow us recruiting to have an assured income mattress during difficult times. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is Worked as the managing director at “Hay management consultants” It is able to make a very attractive proposal to invite the short term customer to take the opportunity, but to us the headhunters benefits throughout the lifetime of the service. I mean if you sell a executive jobs subscription service, create a contract between customer and give him 18 months for example the first two job search months, which number only recruitment agencies make up 11 discount on the total, but would have to consider that these low-den customer service in this period, for which may include penalty clauses, to avoid having a large volume of sales that fall to fourth or fifth month and instead of producing them would sales jobs bring lost sales. 5.La fifth is not to wait until the client comes but go find using the Voice Marketing. Source: crisis.mspx