Floor Installers

This manipulation is done necessarily with special equipment. And keep in mind – for the drainage tube, usually made a separate hidden line (in the wall or under the floor). Fifth stage: verification of the system using a special program at this stage, the installers must include split-system (Air conditioning), setting it on a test program. If it works, and the case does not vibrate, hence the order. The work is almost finished. By the way, we recommend each year to conduct independent verification of such a system (using the same test program). Sixth stage: garbage collection I should warn you: construction and other highway installation procedure – it's dirt, dust and noise. But the good installers (with a license for the installation of air conditioners) will come with special instruments (including a metal detector to inspect the walls for the presence of reinforcement and covert communications).

In addition, installers should be cleaner and other cleaning machines. With their help, after work, they must independently to remove any debris. If the installers try to dodge the "dirty" work is strictly necessary – "cleaning area" is a payment for the installation of air conditioning. In addition, with a solid company can conclude preventative maintenance contract for split systems. Then do not have to risk their lives, leaning on a belt out of the window to clean the outdoor unit or a vacuum cleaner cause climbers for its money. At the conclusion of the contract (in This includes the warranty), of course, have to pay a certain amount, but believe me, it's worth it.