The Holistic Education

He had tried to study masters in higher education, but not completed nor the induction, not like me, because they were theories of learning that was not meaning to them practical in my life, at that time I had my son the medium newly born and had to leave it for so much task that would let us, so decided to leave it and meet my familyWhen my husband tells me and brings me information about the masters in education holistic that his co-worker, had begun at that time, I felt identified with the vision I said to my same Ana Isabel this is yours, is what always walked looking, and thanks again to my husband had found him, when I realizedthe induction course had already finished but try to contact Dr. Ramon Gallegos which told me that one of the members had not submitted to the induction course and there was the possibility that I would, but in the following email that I sent him told me that he felt but could not come to me prepare and for could begin the next, so I did it and began to read the trilogy of the holistas dialogues, and to take advantage of the time start a degree in English from the University of Guadalajara. Since I started to read the books of Dr. Ramon Gallegos I identified with the vision and I discovered it was not as evil as I thought, that I was doing things right. Now I appreciate the not having me left enter with the other group because my current teammates are each very special people, which have taught me and helped my consciousness evolves, in each Messenger, in every face-to-face meeting they bring their knowledge with which I’ve managed to evolve. From the preparatory course was the first contact I had with my brothers and sisters in spirit a group of people in search of those answers truncated during transit of our lives, a group of beings with the need to nurture our interior, set aside all those constraints to be step to the interior light that unites all living in one’s own things.