Healthy Communication

We are forced to communicate, regardless of whether they like it or not. A Lin, getting experience with her sister, next time will be prudent to establish open relations of trust with other people. So here you are! Lesch and Vlad met at summer camp. Friends at the beginning of the change and immediately hit it off. But a week later on Vlad began to "run down" the guy from the senior squad. Rebuff did not happen. Because of this, the senior picked up Vlad the laughter began to antagonize his other children.

As a result, the young man became a "victim", which kicked any wishes. Lesch, afraid to be a friend, stayed on the sidelines, not even attempted to help. – Is it worth it to communicate with the "black sheep" if there is a threat to divide the unenviable fate? Viktoria: – This story was inspired by parable about two friends who met in the forest bear. One of them in fear and climbs a tree and hid in the foliage, and another, stumbled and fell to the ground. I had to pretend to be dead. Hidden sniffing man on earth Bear left. Descending from the tree, my friend asked: "What do you bear whispered in his ear?" On that "defenseless" replied: "Not vodis with a man who when they see danger only thinks about himself and a friend in the lurch leaves.

And in Sometimes life turns out. Far from the bliss of thy perfection Olga – my neighbor. Once upon a time we are closely communicated, spent much time in each other's guests. Mom could not get enough of that their girls might have found in big world of close-minded people. But wrong idyll ended when I went to a modeling agency. "There is nothing to me about it do not tell! – Embittered Olka. – And take away my pictures! "She no longer wanted to hear about my progress and just turned black when they were interested in guys. Envy felt so strongly that to be near her friend was very hard – Friends are known not only in trouble, but in the joy? Victoria A.: – Friendship – not only affection, self-disclosure, loyalty, and selflessness. And envy, as rust, not only destroys relationships, but also corrodes the human spirit, making it unattractive in the eyes others. When we have good friends, we are better equipped for life, have high self-esteem, rarely dwell in solitude and depression, better coping with the stresses of life. Given that the friendship be terminated on a variety of reasons, it is worth recalling that one should appreciate the truly faithful friends. After experiencing stress, you first ask for support from his friends. Value true friendship! Friends recounted Christina Nekrashevych.