On Preparing To Leave The Center Early Development .

For quite a long time ago parents began to solve problems related to early child development. Modern research on early development show that the more parents will be given time to your child, so favorable it will affect his overall development. Today in sale weight of literature, as well as courses of early development for children who wish to engage in raising offspring from an early age. Of course, it should be done taking into account psychological characteristics of age and personal qualities of the baby. Child, only just born, is already beginning to know yourself and the world, using all five senses. So with a same time to start raising a child? What is the age required for the formation of personality and intelligence of the baby? A new concept of the little man provides training to school.

The evolving brain at this time requires active stimulation. More than a century ago, scientists have proved that the most active learning is possible from birth to 6 years – a period when the most actively growing and developing brain tissue. It is known that, in children to three years by almost 80% are brain structures, and to Eight – Brain development is virtually complete. Therefore, the development of the baby in the first years of life is worth special attention. There is a concept well known perenatalnogo education – preparation for childbirth, aimed at healthy developing fetus – in fact forming the brain and goes to the child's birth.