The title was confirmed by in an interview, denying rumors that pointed as the album title “From Roots to Fruits”. Taboo said in an interview that the four band members were working on the album, thereby disproving the rumors of their separation. Disc recordings ended on 15 October 2008. The album was recorded in a UK study. In an interview with Hip Hop official online channel,, Taboo and advanced that the album will have a more electro. This could not have used the latest technologies on the music scene. The band leader said in an interview that the album would be a musical diary. “It is a daily music … that at any given time, depending on the inspiration you have, you can add new rhythms in it. I’m trying to break with the concept of an album. What is your album Only 12 placed songs in iTunes so that people can pick them That’s not an album. No, I want more.The END I would describe as a bunch of dance rhythms, melodies, real, something electronic and soul. We call static electro funk “There collaborations planned for the album but there are several contributions to the remix versions of the songs.