Turkey is a country located between Europe and Asia. … between Ankara and Istanbul (the two big cities of Turkey) as they say is the most “comfortable” …
33A 04’E 43’N 73A ‘/’33 717, 73.06733 43’N 73A 04’E’ /’33 717, 73067
Maxima: 1604 masl
Minimum: 457 masl
KMA 906.0
805,000 hab. (1998)
880 inhabitants / KMA
Time zone
Postal Code
Pref Phone
Kamran Lashari
Official Website Islamabad (Urdu:”””””which means “inhabited by Islam) is the capital of Pakistan, located on the plateau north of the country Potwar within the Capital Territory of Islamabad. The area has historically been part of the crossroads of Punjab and Northwest Frontier (the Margalla pass has been a historic gateway to the Province of North West Frontier). Rawalpindi, the former national capital, is located only 14 km from Islamabad.
The city was built during the 60s as a city planned to replace Karachi as the capital of Pakistan. The development of the country are concentrated in this city and President Ayub Khan wanted to establish a more equitable distribution. Islamabad is a modern and clean, especially when compared with other cities of Pakistan. The city is divided into different zones and / or sectors such as the diplomatic area, the commercial district, the educational, the industrial area and recreational areas where many shops devoted to recreation and parks. The most notable monument or building and famous Faisal Mosque Islamabad is known for its architecture and its vast size. The construction cost was covered by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Ankara Hotels by Traveleurope. Online reservations for hotels in Ankara with instant confirmation. Get the best destinations in Turkey
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