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Darranz and said second Xenoforme I’ve been ‘around’ or that I have to “linchado ‘Poor andalusia anonimo that described our draft nonsense because someone had supposedly changed a valuable contribution to you.
When I was edge ‘I expressed my opinion that the evidence was a disrespectful comment from someone who did not have anything to check where your version.
However majete of saludetes I called edge construction and the other speaks of lynching and poor novice fleeing despavoridos. Who is lynched here ‘
Maybe another democracy possible but if these are going to do that, off and vamonos. Sanbec ’00:07 June 18, 2005 (EST)
Sanbec quiet. I think most have understood your reply, which was merely responding to a troll. Regarding Darranz because I review below. Greetings – Ecemaml (talk) 10:53 June 19, 2005 (EST)
No wonder Darranz of rioja. Has been advocating here and Discussion: Another Democracy is Possible to be a white dove came to Wikipedia and saw that the text of this article and thought necessary to “complete”. For a sample button:
I learned of the existence of this group through our web site , in paragraph 5, I’ve searched your website, I got your text and presentation have changed the language that is not from the “we” but from an external point of view (and I think quite neutral).

A user who comes to Wikipedia explaining your interest in the project, a collaborative attempt to fast prior to your main objective, which is to deepen democracy and the article is in response to a proposal to erase with two votes without any prior discussion … I think that is not the best welcome possible, but good, I hope your doing good and I hope this is just a misunderstanding. Thanks for reading. Darranz
However, it is the same Darranz (Arranz Diego), who said at the site of another democracy :
Fri 06-May-2005
Good, because what has happened prior to me introducing OtraDem on Wikipedia (see Democracia es Posible) and you see the chicken that has been assembled in 5 minutes, to clear proposals for alleged propaganda, potential copyright violations … Wikipedia is cool people, are viewed with serious neutrality.
Well, anything, that is propaganda and I gigs I dialect (if people want to discuss it) and not directly deleted, in respect to copyright, I guess that would be enough to include a sentence in the footnotes, as I have the bottom of my blog:
Some administrators out there that may include ‘
Later, another user said:
Diego is one of the most veteran members of OtraDem, and I know their technical skills. I suppose that there will be no objection to returning to diego administrative privileges
And the answers:
Buaaaaaa, I’m going to pipe a Wikipedia user who has not been anything like this OtraDem including alli, the first attempt to delete it, then attack with the text was copied from the presentation of this website and therefore contravened copyright, and of course, now that the text is public domain and can not attack this around and complaining bitterly that the article is not neutral, if you have a bit boring Do not miss the discussion and rioja amargao that this is the gauge with the objectives of OtraDem Democracia es Posible
Will more necessary explanations’ Who who treated badly ‘- Zuirdj 01:08 June 18, 2005 (EST)
Come on, Do so after the pamphlet foist another democracy (and I say it took foist the “program” Democracy and other places it as an article without little or neutralize) violating license agreements and the neutral point of view Now that is a militant organization ‘angry I will not hurt, but in a lie and a lack of honesty that, for me the Darranz that has lost any legitimacy to criticism (the kind that may be). For me it’s as if wikipedia did not exist in this (and I do not pass pipe or doing bloody event). He says that the current democracy is not good. Have seen such impudence. – Ecemaml (talk) 10:53 June 19, 2005 (EST)
So when I asked him, merely saying “I am sympathetic to OtraDem” as you can see the argument. Anyway … The funny thing is that it was “straining” their article. – Dodo 11:42 June 19, 2005 (EST)
Sometimes we are too “innocent” (which I think is not bad). You see that eventually everything is discovered. – Ecemaml (talk) 12:37 June 19, 2005 (EST)
Eventually everything was discovered and then is when you have this face 🙂 satisfaction. The controversial turkey Dustin represent Ireland in the Eurovision Festival’s rich tradition of Irish music has taken an unusual ambassador for …
href “ ‘ v EYrwV vhFEandfeature related”> YouTube – Ireland sends a turkey to Eurovision
Dustin The Turkey is also known as Dustin Hoffman is a popular … Dustin for his performance in the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 …

The I Hate Europe Official Handbook by Denise Thatcher and Malcolm Scott (Paperback – Mar 1, 2005)