Japan Glass Bubbles

The Japanese and their ideas return to dazzle us once more, to invent a kind of capsule that allows you to isolate smokers, and thus, prevent any other people sucked the tobacco smoke in any way. Japan is the fourth market tobacco worldwide, although a greater awareness of the population by its damage to health, coupled with the need to save, they have reduced the percentage of smokers from its peak in 1966. To this we must add the restrictions has been applying the Japanese Government to smokers as raise the price of tobacco and ban smoking in public places (as now in Spain) but this have sought the solution of these capsules where are isolates the smoker, and through a kind of pipe up (as seen in the image) is swallowed the smoke and empties smoke custom-made capsule that the smoker you are expelling so the inhabitant no is afixie. That capsule is portable, i.e., we can be in a normal bar and when you want to smoke, we miss the capsule down and we can already smoking without that tell us anything. Once finished quit returns to lift and is folded so that another user or, if you want to go back to smoking can do it again. It seems that new technologies such as electronic cigarette, among others, will not serve much in countries where they are this kind of capsules. See original article _ _ CreativosRed News (www.creativosred.co.