Lens Aperture

I would like to start with what does the term 'portrait'. If we turn to the definition, then this image of a person or group of people. Much more interesting is the definition gives us the notion of a portrait in the literature, writer discloses the nature of heroes, expresses his attitude towards them. Them that we will use it, because under the first definition fits and photo on the passport. Creating a photo portrait begins with the fact that we have formed what is image. We see this person happy or sad, happy or unhappy.

We pay attention to his facial features, hair and eye color. How do we distinguish what we like, how to show something that we pay attention? There several ways: 1) The color contrast or color spot, which attracts attention, and 2) The contrast of forms, and 3) The contrast of textures, and 4) Rezkostny accent. What is it? The fact that the sharpness can not be distributed evenly throughout the frame, and more precisely in the depth of the frame. It varies, it is noticeable even when we simply look at an object, try it! Keep your finger at a distance of approximately 10 centimeters from the person, if we examine it we see the whole texture of the skin, all the smallest details, but if at the same time try to look at objects that are farther, they will be blurred, we begin to consider, focus on them, and now we see them well, and vice versa finger became blurred.