Red Wines

The grapes are separated from the combs, pulverized or crushed berries and put all the pulp to ferment, filling the tub or barrel with 3 / 4 volume. Fermentation is carried out together with the skins and seeds, which gives the wine a nice tart taste, the taste and staining. Leaven of pure culture yeast before fermentation is given in an amount of 2% of the amount taken grapes. During fermentation of the mash floating rise up, creating a mass-cap, which must be at least 3-4 times a day dipped in the juice at the bottom of the tub with oak agitators. If you do not, then the "cap" may occur acetic skisanie, and at the same time, extractives and anthocyanins less go into the wine. During fermentation in wort give a solution sulfurous acid from 0,5 to 1 g dkl. To reduce the temperature below +32 C is necessary to merge the wort, pour them a "cap" and mix, then the tub wall is well rubbed with a cloth with a solution of sulfuric acid to prevent mold. After a stormy fermentation the wine should be urgently drained into barrels, not filling them up to the top, then topped up and after complete fermentation of sugar is completely filled and covered tongue. Care for red wine is the same as for white. Keep in mind that grape wine is good, of course, with moderation.