Mate (basketball) For

Mate (basketball) For other uses, see Mate (disambiguation). Mate, dunk or dunk a basketball term used to describe a form of release, performed when a player jumps and puts the ball through the hoop with one or two hands touching the rim or hanging from top to bottom, without the ball is released into the air. This basket is worth two points, as any launch from within 6’25 and in play. It’s a difficult act to perform, because a) it is necessary that the player has enough height (takeoff power and coordination) to reach the rim properly, and b) in game situation is not easy to approach the ring Because of the defenders. A mate can be a way to humiliate the enemy and, in particular, defending the player who makes the kill. It is a spectacular action for the viewer. There are many ways to conduct a mate. The players are constantly inventing new mates or modifying existing ones.A slam dunk contest is a tournament in which players try to show different ways to run their mates, being punctuated by a jury. They have become very popular at school, university and professional level, reaching each league to have its own contest, but the most popular and famous remains the Slam Dunk Contest NBA, which takes place every year during the NBA All -Star Weekend. Two-handed Mate Mate was banned in the NCAA from 1967 to 1978, due perhaps to the domain of university then Kareem Abdul Jabbar (then called Lew Alcindor), so this rule is called “Lew Alcindor Rule.” To make a mate it is necessary that the ring is able to withstand the impact. The rings in the NBA and FIBA competitions today are prepared to withstand the impact, and also that the player can perform the mate to hang in the ring after making the kill, often to avoid unbalanced in the fall. It is very dangerous to make a mate in a basket or ring that is not properly anchored.Mate is one of the shooting from the field with the highest percentage in basketball, as the range should be practically zero. Failures in a mate are for hitting the rim or lack of coordination, or cap. Mate has different names like “slam dunk”, “jam”, “dunk”, “key”, “sunken” or “mutton,” depending on the area or time. Michael Wilson, a team player of the Harlem Globetrotters and the University of Memphis, holds the world record of killing more height. On 1 April 2000, Wilson hit a basketball into a basket located 3’60 meters (12 feet) above the floor.