Technical Documentation – Stepchild In The Value Chain

Anyone who buys a technical product, which expects a detailed instruction manual. To purchase the product itself is irrelevant, their availability is not implied. The test takes place when using the product. If the user is within a short time in the position the product to his satisfaction shall bring into service, this is for him a sense of achievement dar. Whether the user has a share of TAC, you will experience rare, because the user is known to be taken only after advice, when problems occur. This is also one of the reasons for the technical documentation often feel no one really responsible. Neither the engineers and developers see it as their primary task nor the marketing area. But who is concerned because now it Few large companies have a separate department or professional editors who are responsible for the preparation of technical documentation. Therefore, they draw just as many medium-sized enterprisesfor these tasks are often added an agency for technical communication. For here there sufficient technical skills issues in an appropriate form of language and target group are to be brought. The permanent and freelance staff of an agency for technical communication often have a two-track training, many of you have a technical background as an engineer or computer scientist and have additional qualifications as a journalist and technical writer. For them, it is therefore easier to put themselves in the role of the user and to write instructions and manuals so that they are understood by the audience. This requires not only dealing with the product, but also the intensive communication with the development departments of the manufacturers themselves, this interaction between the producers and the agencies for Technical Communication seems to have fallen on fertile ground, because the value of the technical documentation for the product success is recognized increasingly in the management levels. The instructionsdeveloped by the Agency for Technical Communication from the stepchild in the value chain business card for the product itself as an integral component in the value creation process.