It is here spring, Sun and mountain excursions. All Meadowsweet dress colors with the appearance of the flowers. It is time to have fun, time to enjoy with the family, with friends, family etc. However one thing quite clear that we must take into account; Spring allergies. Spring allergies are due to lack of immunity from some people to the pollen particles that generate plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. A good field day can end up being an ordeal for a person with allergies to pollen. Therefore it is important to know if we are or not, people with allergies to pollen.

Depending on the degree of immunity that we have, the symptoms can be more or less soft, with greater or lesser intensity. From a light sneeze up to an asthma attack can be the consequence that an allergic person remains exposed to environmental pollen. Therefore, it is important to know that there are a number of remedies for allergy to pollen and tips we should know when spring knocks at the door. It is important to do not leave home if it is not necessary. If you go out, do it with a mask. Put a humidifier at home so that the environment have moisture and there are no pollen particles floating. Try not to open the Windows.

Do not eat food that we create which may cause allergy. Avoid smoking as much as possible. There to quit, since the only tobacco smoke will worsen the symptoms. Even so, it is important to visit a health professional to have us advise and tell us things we are allergy-free and we can therefore avoid as far as possible to be exposed to this.