When you have a commercial web site should be taken into account the great importance of being well placed in search engines. Being located in the first 10 or 20 positions of search engines involves receiving a multitude of visitors daily. Competition is intense, but you can get to be in the top of search engines based on one or a few keywords that the alleged customers would write in the search for a search. (Not to be confused with celebrity trainer!). In this article we will try the technique of positioning of the front door. The call is a gateway website which is at the top of search engines and is based on a certain keyword or keyphrase. A site 100% oriented to a particular word or phrase. If you are an employer can employ the internet and someone known re-encargue the SEO of your pages. The most difficult task may be choosing these key words or phrases.

We must focus on the niche they have each chosen and try to choose words that most can be used by potential customers in your search. Let’s start by defining three of those keywords. For example, if you do the network marketing, you could choose the following words: multilevel, multi-business, Network marketing. These words should be separated by “commas” and then be placed in the HTML of your website, between the paragraph tags and meta “keywords”. Using SEO techniques you will work on the Internet in an intelligent way . then you must create a brief description of the contents of your website, and also placed in a META tag in this case meta “description”. You must also create a title that contains the keywords and inserted into the HTML code paragraph. As for the design of the website, the page should load as quickly as possible.

As the title page must bear the same name you put on. In addition to labels, and should create the label, these comments as META tags are not displayed by search engines visiting your comment considered as part of the page so isa also the ideal place to put keywords. This technique of positioning will make you profitable business. Once you have finished creating your web search engine entry, save it to the hard drive of your computer with a memorable name, you must enter it manually in buscadores.Todas these techniques may help you have a profitable business, to work on the internet and if you are an employer to give or get jobs on the Internet. Cristobal Guzman Global Domains International Independent Distributor