Moisturize Dry Skin Cosmetics

With age, many women have found skin is dry, it is easy to fine lines appear deeper wrinkles, especially around the mouth, eyes and neck. This occurs in consequence of the fact that sebaceous glands are slower and the surface the skin is deprived of natural protection, ie, with age the skin becomes less firm and elastic. And of course, thanks to proper care with the use of cosmetics, skin aging can be slowed down. Especially women should look stunning at any age before the wedding. And what do weddings and follow a woman's life was a success, we give a few tips professionalnyh. Several professional advice: On age of great significance for skin acquired factors such as nutrition, sleep and rest: 7-8 hours sleep should be mandatory, otherwise the skin will prematurely age and fade. It was a dream of our skin cells are updated in two times faster than during the day.

When cleansing the skin, discard the soap. In the morning, rinse your face with cool water only and wipe the face with a lotion-tonic for dry skin, use cleansing milk in the evening. It contains necessary components, so lacking in your skin. Remains of milk from the skin, remove with cosmetic tissues, rather than rinse. Toilet water used after cleansing milk, must not contain alcohol, or skin become drier. For dry skin, essential nutrients – they increase the skin's resistance to negative environmental influences. During the day, use a light moisturizer, but what a night – a bold, Nourishing Night Cream. Cream stimulate and renew the skin cells, making the skin supple and fresh.

Such a cream is applied after cleansing milk, light rubbing massaging into the skin. A very effective way to care for Face – Massage. Use for massage creams with vitamins and bio-active ingredients – aloe vera gel. After 3 minutes of massage gel is absorbed completely into the skin and stimulates the formation of new cells. Protect your skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet kozhi.v disastrous for the summer to care for the skin, use a moisturizing cream emulsion with filters from the sun.