Spine Disorders

Our time is called differently. Including 'time osteohondroznikov'. According to statistics, back pain 60% pursue population. And, if this problem was overcome before the elderly, the disease is now much 'Younger'. Many people think that the reason for degenerative disc disease – 'salt deposits', which accumulate between the vertebrae. After all, for example, when turning the body, bending at times 'crunches' or 'squeak'. In fact, everything is not so.

'Salt' nothing to do with Osteochondrosis associated with the peculiarities of the blood supply and nutrition, bone and cartilage tissues. Food in them comes from the surrounding tissue, as in adults, vertebral disks of their own blood vessels do not have. Enough power is supplied only if the adjacent spinal cord tissue is actively circulation. It is clear that an active blood circulation is only possible when the muscles move. If there is no movement – stagnation, from which suffers from the spine.

There, as in all the tissues of the body is a constant self-renewal. And why update if there is no power? But the process is only in the direction of deformation. Therefore, in osteochondrosis 'save' spine, trying to move less, you can not. On the contrary, it is necessary to load more muscle tissue back to blood circulation intensified. 'Straightening' spine is very useful for this problem (or prevention) The following simple exercise. Lay on a hard flat surface (preferably half) a thin blanket. Lie on your side. The wrong foot, which is at the bottom, pull, and the 'upper' bend, trying to put an ankle on his knee, 'lower'. Upper half of the body begin to slowly turn away, trying to lower real estate remained. We must strive to ensure that the lie on your back, keeping his feet on the floor. Perhaps, in the first few times it's full you do not succeed, but eventually the muscle will come back to normal, and everything will turn out. Stretching again, but this time lying on the other side. You can do exercise in a chair: not looking up from sitting, turn so as to almost go back in his chest. Sitting make exercise easier, because you can help yourself, holding the arms of the chair. Anatoly Buravin '> How to' correct 'spine?