Italian scientists have developed a pill that expands in the stomach. This mean the people who adhere to a diet is, their stomachs full. Compare the effect with a plate of spaghetti and say that the pill would be quiet for a few hours of starvation. With this tablet you can take off better than before. The basic substance of the pill is composed of cellulose and this is excreted from the body undigested. The small tablet is powdery, but is swallowed with a glass of water. It swells in the stomach on to a ball. Professor Luigi Ambrosio, director of research, found that the pill could have a similar effect as a gastric band. The diet pill has been tested in 20 subjects, but the experts point out that we need more subjects to a secure examination results produced on this diet pill. The diet pill still has no name. First, it is still tested on 90 volunteers, which are constantly monitored, how much weight they lose, and whether any of themSide effects. The tablet may be taking it for half an hour before each meal. It takes approximately five to six hours passed before the diet pill the digestive cycle. One researcher has even tested the pill in the self-experiment. He has taken the pill at 11 clock at six in the morning and evening clock he was still not hungry. The researchers believe the effect of the tablet was as if they would eat a big plate of spaghetti. After the capture you can eat again, but you will anyway be able to consume only small portions. With the outcome of the investigation is expected until October, and from 2008 to buy the product. There were already offered tablets with other basic substances, but none of them was as effective as those with pulp. In any case, you should sell the tablet, together with advice for a healthy diet because you can feed not only on the tablet.