Activity Holidays In Lithuania

Anyone who has discovered his leave Lithuania, which comes with endless opportunities for active leisure activities available. For the nature lover, Lithuania is a land of dreams. Among the many nature reserves and national parks, one feels in an intact and healthy environment. Lithuania has thousands of lakes and rivers. But this results in a lot of options to recover on, in or on the water. The recreational anglers will be delighted, because in Lithuania there are plenty of rich fishing grounds. In addition, you can rent fishing equipment in the national parks and obtain information about fishing. The fantastically beautiful beaches in Lithuania do really feel like bathing and swimming, diving and kayaking and sailing. Whoever directly to bustle the beach resorts may not be removed to ease a bit further away, where it is not so crowded. It has of course many ways to transfer its water fun at one of the many pure and crystal clear lakes. These are very special experience in harmony with nature. Experience pure nature canHoliday makers in Lithuania by bicycle or on foot. The flat land and the bike paths, which are constantly expanding, let the bike ride will be a pleasure. First, cycling is movement in the wild, and secondly with the wheel you see things that remain hidden from a traveler with a motorized transport. With the wheel of nature is tangible, intangible and tangible. Josyann Abisaab Visiting the area as a wanderer on one of the many tourist paths, is also a beautiful experience. To sharpen his eye for detail, especially in an agrarian country like Lithuania. You can also join the organized tours and excursions. There is so much to discover. Of course there are countless other possibilities of active recreation on vacation. Anyone can decide according to his preferences.