The bad weather forecast for the weekend have been met and until late Sunday afternoon has not been able to enjoy a bit of sun. This has affected a massive attendance of spectators at all types of events that have taken place during the weekend, and have been sporting, cultural or simply recreation. During the streets on Saturday castre a have welcomed a new edition of the Festival of Traditional Culture Cantabra. Bagpipers, exhibition of rural sports, parades of costumes of the region, Cantabrian fight, musical performances, this has attracted the attention of local and more from the tourists who have visited us this weekend. Until late Saturday afternoon acting: Grupo de Danzas Our Lady of Covadonga. Traditional dance group, originally from Torrelavega, about 40 persons nas, accompanied by pairs of pitu and drum, bagpipe, tambourine player and traditional songs.Puri Diaz. Song Mountain. Fernando Gomez. Bagpipe and Pitu Montanes. David Gomez. Tambor, rebec and voice. Javier Alonso and Javier Gomez Rincon. Acting with Silbu, tambourine and drum. During the long weekend, the Plaza de la Barrera Stock Fair hosted a brilliant idea that allows marketers Dealers Association of Castro Urdiales get those products on sale that would not otherwise exit to the sale. On Friday night started off a new edition, the fifth Summer Theater with good public input. Quasar Group Theater staged Shipyard Pam! wine and dessert.In the specialty of raid was held the first edition of this specialty in NATO with a Venezuelan victory with Eladio Sanchez behind. Source: Digital Castro