Palace Benamej

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Declared a national monument of cultural interest. The building began construction in the early eighteenth century. It is, like the Palace Pe aflor, a model of Baroque architecture in the Spanish and one of the jewels of great ecijano century.
The building was originally owned by the Marquis of Benamej and later the counts of Valverde. Later Albergo Remonta the military since 1997 and hosts the Museo Historico Municipal.
The massive facade is brick with stone socket and a row of balconies on the first floor. Two large towers at the ends determine the verticality of note in the whole Aplomado whose sobriety and break the monotony great cover.
When a door, a huge arch gives way to stop, where the background is the main staircase, formed by three arches on Doric columns and covered by half dome, and right the stables, which houses an exhibition of the remains archeological found in the Plaza de Espana, ‘The Salon’.
Beneath the staircase leads to the main courtyard which has two plants with pointed arches supported by columns and stone fountain in the center. Around the courtyard are the rooms of the Museo Historico Municipal, built largely on the basis of explanations about the social significance of the archaeological objects.
Parts of the museum are materials recovered during excavations urban parts in the municipal archaeological collection and the temporary storage or donation of pieces by citizens or institutions of Ecija. These include large mosaics and high quality and Roman sculpture of the Wounded Amazon, is the world’s only preserved almost complete remains of polychromy presented. King Size – 2 squares and media – 1 seat – Twin, 1 … I collect old age can be enjoyed by people of all types and ages. …
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