Philanthropy and education

In addition to its legacy as a coach, Paterno is also remembered for his contributions to academic life in college. After being named head coach in 1966, began what he called a great experiment, involving players in the student, and applying what he learned in his years at Brown. As a result, Penn State players have always been above average academic universities in the rest of Division I of the NCAA. In the last 5 years, the university has led the national academic ranking in 3 occasions, most recently surpassing 19 points in the 64 national average .
Paterno is also renowned for his charitable contributions to the academic system at Penn State. He and his wife have contributed more than 4 million for various departments of the institution, including the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center and the Museum of Sports Penn State opened in 2002. After achieving value for money 13 and a half million dollars in 1997 for the expansion of the university library, the call center expansion Paterno Library in their honor.

The North Bay Nugget
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