Peripheral joint (E / S)

Pieces of a hard disk.
Are devices which can operate both ways: both input and output. Typically, it can be mentioned as joint or peripheral input / output to hard disks, diskettes, magnetic tape drives, CD readers / DVD, ZIP disks, etc.. Also within this range, with a subtle difference, other units, such as flash memory, network cards, modems, capture cards / video output, etc..
If you can catch pendrive or flash memory or USB memory into the category of reports is usually used as mass storage devices, and they are all category Input / Output .
Mass-storage devices are also known as “secondary memory, or auxiliaries.” Among them, no doubt, the hard drive has a special place because it is the most important at present is housed in the operating system, all applications, utilities, etc.. used by the user, as well as having sufficient capacity to house information and data in large volumes by almost indefinite time. Web servers, mail and network databases, use of large capacity hard drives and a technology that allows them to work at high speeds.
The touch screen (not the monitor classic) is a device that is considered mixed, as well as displaying information and data (output) can act as an input device, replacing, for example, some functions of the mouse and / or keyboard.

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