In today’s society and for many years, we need the money to live. While this is a truism meetings, let me continue. Since we got eat: Electricity, water, gas, etc. We live in a house, which generates costs, we will work in any vehicle, own or someone else, we eat, we dress, etc.. There are very few things that do not require MONEY. This usually got it our work, in some cases of rights for working (retirement, unemployment, income from investments or savings, etc..) Or the charity (other people pay for us). We spent many years of our lives to study to be prepared to work, even while working, still learning. All this to generate, with the fruit of our efforts, that MONEY. Those who have been able to prepare more and more often those that have a better job and higher income earned.The training may have been formal (college, university) or informal, given by someone close. However, if higher income people who are perceived to have better QUALITY OF LIFE. In fact throughout our lives or that of someone we know, that income increases and yet QUALITY DE Life, no. Or if it does not last long.Why might this be For while it is very important to have a good income is more important how that income is used or spend and invest. If you do not see clear, I suggest you read the following example.(If you know what we mean, you can skip): John has an income of 2,500 euros a month, works at a company in the forefront, for their work must always be well dressed and well as their peers often do buy clothes brands faces going to work on his car, which of course is also a high-end, live in an area of the most expensive city to be close co-workers and to “have a status” going on vacation to dream places.