A rifle AKM, a modernized variant of the AK-47. A Beretta 92F. HK-91 rifle, a variant of the G3. An AR-15 rifle. Two officers in a SWAT team training. On the morning of 28 February 1997, after months of preparation, including the widespread recognition of its target (the Bank of America branch located on Laurel Canyon Boulevard), Phillips and Matasareanu took five illegally modified fully automatic rifles, three Romanian rifles AIM (a copy of the AK-47), a modified HK91 and an AR-15. They also had two pistols of 9mm Beretta 92F, a .38 caliber revolver and bullets in packs about 3,300 normal and “drum”, and moved from his apartment to the bank in a white Chevrolet Celebrity. They had put protections that have developed in their homes, filled with metal plates to trauma to protect their vital organs.Besides taking phenobarbital to calm their nerves. Phillips and Matasareanu arrived at the Bank of America branch located at the intersection of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Archwood Street in North Hollywood around 9:17 am and set your alarm clock 8 minutes, which was the estimated amount of time it would take police officers in order to respond. Phillips had been using a radio scanner to listen to police transmissions to determine the approximate response time. However, upon entering the bank were spotted by a police patrol car in Los Angeles who was passing by Laurel Canyon . The officers radioed a possible car “code 211” code for an armed robbery. Within the bank, Phillips and Matasareanu forced the assistant manager to open the vault.They at least a hundred shots to frighten the staff and clients of the bank, which were approximately 30 people, to discourage any possible resistance. were able to get 303,305 rather than the 750,000 expected, because the bank had altered their normal delivery times. At 9:38 am, Phillips exited the bank through the north exit and Matasareanu through the south exit. Both officers found dozens of patrol police in Los Angeles who had arrived after the official radio a “code of shooting.” helicopters television news programs were among the first to respond to the warning broadcast by the police, even when the two gunmen shot them, continued with its live broadcast. SWAT team commanders used the live broadcast of the helicopters to move critical and timely information to officers on the scene.