What is water? Water – a liquid with no color, taste and smell (bluish in thick layers). Water (H2O, hydrogen oxide) – a simple chemical compound of two gases: hydrogen very light and heavier – oxygen. Effect of temperature on currently does not have any nutritional value but is, nevertheless, the most important 'staple'. It is water helps maintain vital processes of the body, delivering nutrients to cells matter and diverting wastes. It is because of the water by regulating body temperature.

Therefore, a person can weeks or even months to survive without food, without water doomed to quick death. How much water should you drink each day? the fluid enters the body of vegetables and fruits. If you are active in sports, the body needs more fluids – at least 9-13 glasses a day. Is it true that boiling tap water all the germs die and this water is safe for humans? When boiling kills microorganisms, but the heavy metals remain in the water. Useful same substance – calcium and magnesium salts are destroyed by boiling and in the form of scale deposited on the walls of the cookware. Bottled water is already in a day is harmful to health. When boiling violated the so-called "immunity" of water in storage is like a sponge absorbs from the air all microorganisms, bacteria, drinks, etc. This water is not only a good performance, but also very useful for the organism.

It is not exposed to artificial saturation of minerals and preservatives, and unlike most of the waters of the North-West FREE Petersburg. For easy pouring water company 'Europe' offers pumps and coolers of different designs. Do you have any questions? Write to us at – and we will get back to you. Take care of health – drink clean water NordAkva.