Cost Per Acquisition

In addition, at least has been achieved that the user enters the page. CPA: Cost Per Action, Cost Per Action models buying traffic remaining payments relating to any action by the user on the page. They are included under the term CPA: Cost Per Action / Cost Per Action. Depending on the action for which you want to pay, the letters can vary: * CPL or Cost Per Lead: Refers to the user becomes a potential client (a Leada a ), is often associated with the Users fill out a registration form or to subscribe to a newsletter. This allows the page to use this information to the user to get more specific offers to your needs. The CPL is usually quite high (as compared to CPM or CPA), increasing the chances that a sale is made, it might be in the range of 5A, 15A a, . * CPA or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA Sometimes specifically refers to acquisition rather than an action in general, it is important to understand what is spoken when using this acronym): In this case paid for sales to the user.

Depending on the type of product or service offered can be a mixed set of fixed price sales and a percentage of sales value. It is the highest price of all. What is the best? This is the obvious question to see all the possibilities, however, there is no simple answer. There are several factors to consider and it depends on who ask the question: From the standpoint of who designed the campaign: When you want to create a campaign of IM, the first thing is to set goals. If one of them is to create brand recognition, then it would be good to invest something in CPM. If you increase traffic (and monetize the site traffic) then it is good to invest some in CPC. If what is sought is to increase the user base, then invest in CPL where the goal is to register. If what you want is to increase sales, then CPA (acquisition).

The optimal mix depends on the business: the product or service being offered, target audience, the available budget, etc.. It is also important to consider that it is easier to place ads in CPM mode in CPC and CPC easier than any form of CPA. From the point of view of someone who wants to show ads on your page also come into play several factors: the visitor’s profile, purchasing power, the character transaccionala or a informativoa Page, affinity with certain products or services , etc. For example, if visitors to a page with low purchasing power, but a campaign CPA acquisition pay much, it would be inefficient to include it because it will generate very few sales. If, for example, visitors spend much time at the site and see many pages, the CPC may be a good option. If, moreover, is making a few clicks, then CPM may be a good alternative. Conclusion Within the various forms of purchase of traffic (CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA) there is no that is best depends on the characteristics of each business and each site. Normally, the best scheme is a mixed strategy, which are used several of these methods. What proportion? is a question that can be answered only through trial and error.


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