SexCity Guide Goes Community

Addresses and events free on set now can registered users free addresses and events – no matter, whether we make private sex party or themed party at a swinger’s Club, there’s no difference. Within a few minutes the dates and addresses available online – are also nationwide for thousands of visitors. The registration requires only a minute, is also free, completely anonymous and the membership can be cancelled at any time independently. Who wants to put his favorite address at the heart of other members, or warn of a flophouse, can do an evaluation – may be awarded up to 5 stars and a short text. No handle in the bathroom more – this saves time and especially money. Soon a forum expands Here registered members can not only public Exchange on the subject of sex & erotic and omit, but also private conversations and contacts – and of course also for free. running dots Niklas Schneider

Yoga Blog

‘ Yoga blog’ now available as Android app of Yoga available Vidya bad Meinberg, the 07.03.2011 after Yoga Vidya of his free yoga Vidya apps Yoga blog, yoga video and Yoga Podcast for the iPhone and has the iPad launched, the Yoga Vidya app Yoga blog is now available for Android smartphones available. With the Android Yoga Vidya app “Yoga blog” responds Yoga Vidya to the strong growth of the Android operating system, which Apple in the already late last year has surpassed United States. It aims to reach as many users on the mobile Internet, regardless of the provider of the Smartphones. “About the Yoga Vidya app Yoga blog” users receive daily information on the subject of yoga, Ayurveda and meditation. Hereunder fall E.g.

suggestions for exercises and tips to deal with crises. In addition, there is information on training opportunities, news from bad Meinberg, presentations from the seminar houses, contests and information about the latest offers. The blog contains social Media elements such as Facebook and Twitter buttons. Users can leave comments or use a bookmark as needed. The free yoga Vidya app for Android is in the market under the term Yoga blog”to find. “” The Yoga Vidya apps Yoga video “and Yoga Podcast”, for Android are in planning. They are already available in the iTunes store.

The Yoga Vidya apps allows Yoga Vidya his followers the opportunity for relaxation, as well as access to the latest information about yoga and yoga Vidya on the go. The Yoga Vidya e.V. is the Europe’s largest non-profit association for the Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda with over 2300 seminars, education and training per year. Many urban Yoga centres and three conference centres with organic vegetarian cuisine belong to the Federation. At Yoga Vidya can make holiday, Ayurveda and wellness cures book, seminar rooms for rent, work, relax and recharge.

New-Fanmile Of VfL Osnabruck On Facebook

Viral ways for acquiring customers: from prospective buyers are fans over half a billion Facebook members now VfL is worldwide one of Osnabruck from them. And with the professional support of the advertising agency team4media. Since a few days, the profile of the Osnabruck second division at one of the largest online social networks is set. Everyone, fans and those who want to, can network now over their own Facebook profile with their club. Here, the Contentdesign developed by the Agency best exploits the possibilities of Facebook. The user can directly access various links to the VfL-shop, the ticket service or the kids club. Also the site of the VfL is accessible with just one click.

In addition a wide range of other media such as VfL TV, VfL radio, Twitter and its own VfL app, for those who want to have their club always. With this many direct links on the Facebook profile page you can quickly find all important information about the Club. The possibilities animate even visitors who are only superficially interested to visit the website of the Association and to remain ideally as enthusiastic fans. But also convinced Norquisan find the like – me “function fast again connected to the fan community, no matter whether they live in Saarbrucken, Munich, or Hall. So, the fan base can be extended and networked with low usage. This kind of recommendation marketing”and can be interesting also for business networking. Which works very well for a football club, must be carefully considered but for products. The buying motivations and purchase behavior of potential customers should be analyzed in advance, so that advertising on social networks don’t miss their target volumes.

To get more information about the possibilities of Facebook in General and for your company in particular, at team4media. The full service advertising agency team4media from Osnabruck in addition to traditional print advertising also offers complete solutions for Online presences. These include conception, design and programming of websites as well as the development of complex Web store. The growing ten years Agency develops solutions for the B-to-C- and the B-to-B sector. Contact: team4media Axel Voss GmbH Hans-Jacob-Strasse 4, 49078 Osnabruck 0541 33579-13