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‘ Yoga blog’ now available as Android app of Yoga available Vidya bad Meinberg, the 07.03.2011 after Yoga Vidya of his free yoga Vidya apps Yoga blog, yoga video and Yoga Podcast for the iPhone and has the iPad launched, the Yoga Vidya app Yoga blog is now available for Android smartphones available. With the Android Yoga Vidya app “Yoga blog” responds Yoga Vidya to the strong growth of the Android operating system, which Apple in the already late last year has surpassed United States. It aims to reach as many users on the mobile Internet, regardless of the provider of the Smartphones. “About the Yoga Vidya app Yoga blog” users receive daily information on the subject of yoga, Ayurveda and meditation. Hereunder fall E.g.

suggestions for exercises and tips to deal with crises. In addition, there is information on training opportunities, news from bad Meinberg, presentations from the seminar houses, contests and information about the latest offers. The blog contains social Media elements such as Facebook and Twitter buttons. Users can leave comments or use a bookmark as needed. The free yoga Vidya app for Android is in the market under the term Yoga blog”to find. “” The Yoga Vidya apps Yoga video “and Yoga Podcast”, for Android are in planning. They are already available in the iTunes store.

The Yoga Vidya apps allows Yoga Vidya his followers the opportunity for relaxation, as well as access to the latest information about yoga and yoga Vidya on the go. The Yoga Vidya e.V. is the Europe’s largest non-profit association for the Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda with over 2300 seminars, education and training per year. Many urban Yoga centres and three conference centres with organic vegetarian cuisine belong to the Federation. At Yoga Vidya can make holiday, Ayurveda and wellness cures book, seminar rooms for rent, work, relax and recharge.