Central Electoral Board

Sandra Martin Central 20 m the Electoral Board and the Provincial have declared illegal the concentrations in the day of reflection and in Sunday’s election. The prohibition of the JEC has provoked a cto named Sol. The campers a silent cry summon 00.05 h in the bear and the Madrono. Supermodel takes a slightly different approach. Camped in the Puerta del Sol are prepared at this time to challenge the prohibition of the Central Electoral Board, which on Thursday declared illegal concentrations during the day of reflection that begins at 00.00 h on Friday, and on Sunday’s election. Also the Madrid Provincial Electoral Board has banned the predicted concentration for this Friday, for which the 15-M movement had asked permission, referring to the agreement adopted by the JEC to justify its decision. Prohibitions that the movement will challenge with a cry silent towards the sky, as decided by the Assembly held in the morning. The campers summon all the outraged to come to bear and the Madrono with pieces of tape to cover your mouth.

To the 00.05 hours will be signals through the megaphones and will proceed to remove the tape to give the silent cry to heaven with the goal of uniting all the forces into the collective consciousness. Meanwhile, hundreds of people participating in the afternoon Assembly that the movement has organized in the central square. In a vote Freehand most of the attendees, the Assembly has decided to keep the concentration planned for this Saturday but they not proceed with a demonstration on the day of reflection prior to the elections of May 22. Members of an Advisory Commission on legal issues that have pointed out that they do not see grounds so that the JEC reject activities, been involved in the Assembly because concentrates are considered to be a collective process of reflection without linking with parties. Concentrates understand that given asking not the vote for party one can maintain his concentration in the Puerta del Sol during the day of reflection, eve of the municipal and regional elections. Environment festive among the most outstanding demands of the Assembly held in the morning returned to repeat the dnsa of public health, electoral reform and the control of the banks, as well as the inclusion of feminism within the movement.

Also at these hours free hugs in the Gran Via are distributed to comfort us by the crisis. At 19.30 hours there will be shows of clown at 20 hours in Callao and Plaza Spain. A staging of dance and theater in the Puerta del Sol itself is set to two hours later. Source of the news: La Puerta del Sol is preparing to defy the prohibition of the Central Electoral Board

Hospital General

MAICA LOPEZ patients and doctors denounce is sent to house the sick ahead of time. They criticize that he is a risk to the victim and the family. Some are two or three days in the corridors of the Center. Salut reduces hospital stay to fight the crisis. Before time. Some patients are receiving hospital discharge than not the medical of prematurely, as they have denounced Tuesday organizations of doctors and patients. According to the Secretary general of the Federation of health of CCOO, Carme Navarro, some physicians are sending patients home hurriedly, what poses one risk both for the affected family members who should be in charge of him and, sometimes, they don’t know how they act. In this sense, Navarro said that there is a danger that l patient need to re-enter because it worsens or because he suffers a setback in its condition.

Carme Sabater, Director of the Coordinadora d public Sanitat Usuaris (CUS) criticized the measure on the same line: If you It continues with this practice, may be a patient out of a door today and tomorrow have to enter on the other. This implies a higher spending, he argued. Medical and social criterion Sabater recalled that doctors should always give discharged patients following medical and social criteria. And described it as unacceptable that the sector’s professionals are pressured and accept these pressures. Professionalism must prevail above all. In this sense, the Director of the CUS also mentioned that since the Department of health had taken the policy of reducing the stay in hospitals but always bearing in mind that they are well. For its part, the spokesman for CCOO also linked the fact the new directives of the Department of health, according to which night stays in hospitals should be shortened. And he explained that there is an average day according to each operation stay and that at the moment that is exceeded, the patient is sent to House.

SABATER and Navarro urged to whomever is in a similar case to submit a complaint. The relevant claims, should be stated the Coordinator of the users of the public health Director, while the vowel of the Union regretted that people complain much, but at the end, they have no claims. They have signed so that they contain, he said. Emergency saturated addition, CCOO also reported that there are some hospitals that are saturated emergency services. A few days ago it was the Hospital General de Catalunya, this Tuesday has touched the turn of Viladecans, he argued. Navarro regretted that patients who must spend two or three days to the corridors of hospitals has and ahead of that, facing the holidays, the situation may worsen, because there will be fewer staff in active employment. Source of the news: Barcelona hospitals begin to give premature high