The Atmosphere

The system goes to 'summer time' spring used by more than 110 countries. For the first time the hour hand was moved to the uk in 1908, after which many countries have followed suit. The use of 'summer time' is considered to be economically justified, but with medical point of view – harmless. Go to the 'summer' in Russia gives an annual saving of about two billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. And this in turn reduces emissions of pollutants and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But against the transfer time act, such as doctors, claiming that the transfer time does not pass without trace, and the plight of people suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels may be impaired.

Very hard to pass on the 'winter' time farm animals. Due to the rescheduling feeding and milking them is reduced productivity, falling milk production and weight gain. The most susceptible to stress, chickens and pigs. Yet, after adaptation, which lasts an average of two weeks, the animals become accustomed to the new daily routine, and restore their productivity. Thus, in the hands of a clock transfer has its advantages for the economy and ecology is certain disadvantages for human and animal health. And think about the time you transfer? Waiting for your comments on the page. Fish due to global warming departures from to the Russian waters in the near future because of global warming two major world powers – Russia and the U.S. – may face in the interests of the fishing industry.