The easiest way

The easiest way to define art is … Buddy with art a buddy or art gallery or art section in a newspaper …
In 1823 a group of 34 dealers and art enthusiasts under the leadership of Senator Hieronymus Klugkist established a company to “educate and impart a sense of beauty.” The company acquired its foundation, followed by drawings and engravings of a major collector of Bremen to keep the city lost the Obas of art. I recently had the opportunity to display in in London, I was quite impressed with the ancient art The number of members was limited initially to 50, then 75, and presentations were made public, whose sales has funded purchases of works of art.
In 1843 removes the limitation on the number of partners achieved in just three years the figure of 575. From that same year, were organized on an ongoing exhibition in collaboration with the corporate art Hannover, L