The importance of drinking water suficiene

How many times have you heard or read the recommendation to drink at least two liters water 1 day, for health reasons 0 to use thirst to control your habits, fluid intake is not adequate to keep you adequately hydrated “0 that caffeinated beverages like soda and coffee can cause dehydration Probably too many, considering that the three questions so do not contain a definite answer. According to recent findings of a panel of an American medical school, none of these statements are really true. What they concluded by saying that men need an average of three gallons of water per day and women two and a half liters. But that does not mean we have to consume the entire amount of pure water. The total daily fluid intake by this amount is included, comprising fruits, vegetables, soda, tea, coffee, milk and other foods. The researchers also suggest that there is extreme variability in water needs of each individual, depending on climate, activity level and amount of sweat expulsion. When we put things in place will find that most people will do well if they drink when they feel something sed.Nosotros, in M F typically recommend higher consumption of water (up to 5 liters in some people) for reasons other than health . The water has no calories but makes us feel full.That means that people who diet will work best when they drink water. Also volumizing effect of creatine supplementation as requiring extra water consumption. And of course, extraordinarily intense exercise increases our need for fluidos.Por therefore need to drink more water if our goal is to lose fat or gain muscle size. Otherwise, simply cc to rule the first time that you feel harassed by thirst. Josyann Abisaab