The Mash

Great food and great prices at the Mash, it is a working process in beer brewing, called in the manufacture of whiskey and wine. The purpose of mashing is to be solved vergrungsfhige things like starch and sugar. Suppliers of raw materials used natural products containing sugar. For products that contain starch such as corn or potato starch in the yeast, short-chain fragments must be cut. This means that everything is sugar-coated. This must then added water are given in there so not like fruit liquid. A mixture of liquid and starch or sugar-substance is then called mash. This mash is then divided into different phases. In the solution process is controlled. It is here the time and the temperature varies. Mashing it does in special mash tubs, consisting of corrosionfree material. It will always be respected as well as to effective stirring, effective cooling, hygienic design and vapor / Extractor fan attention. We distinguish between four types: potato mash,Mash of cereals, fruit mash and grape mash. Potatoes are steamed first and only malt is set thereto. The Vatting time the skins lasts a total of 3 days. In about 20 hours fall on the Angrung, about 18 hours primary fermentation, and about 30 hours on the secondary fermentation. This happens at temperatures as 20 to 36 Celsius. Then you have beer.