Liquid Medicine, Pure Enjoyment

Of all beverages, which prepare the human race today in a position to include the wine probably the most important. Thus, already operated by the Egyptians more than five thousand years and even wine in China in ancient times it enjoyed great popularity. Hardly a drink in recent years has found more followers than red wine. Red wine is more than just a simple alcoholic beverage. No other beverage has more flavor character, surprised with shades of fruit, wood and tobacco. Red wine is pressed from red grapes. Depending on the origin country and there are varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, the thorn fields. Each variety has its own character, flavor and color. The most famous red wines come from France, where, for example, the young reached Chateau Mouton Rothschild prices in six – or seven-digit euro range. Other major producers are Italy, Australia and South Africa. In Germany, the classic wine country, more and more winemakers choose to cultivate red grapes, and withgreat success with consumers. Red wine is not only a treat for the taste palate. They tell him to ingredients that have a very positive impact on human health. Of course, as with many things should be done in moderation of enjoyment. The classical method of expansion of red wine is in a wooden barrel, according to ancient recipes. Here comes the most Limmosineeiche wood for the barrels in question. In the barrels, the wine receives its classic color and its distinctive flavor. Of course, there are not only developed a dry red wines. The fruity and semi-arid area, the selection is just huge.