The routines are

The routines are a good way for personal trainers to generate customers and cash flow, but nevertheless, they forget that routines are not equal for everyone, I believe in routines, my philosophy has always been attached to the achieve results through Emphasizing, I have a model train 4 days a week followed by 3 days rest. Never Workout 2 muscles per week (unless abdominal and calf) is not necessary to train biceps or chest or any other muscles more than once a week, at least not with my method, often, more women everything, give circuit routines, ask that propositi , scientifically proven training this circuit are obsolete, and do not help to improve cardiovascular, if you have some beneficial, such as losing a little weight, but more No way there. I have a specialization in power lifting, and have the typical MIXED Exercisewear of “fitness”, and have achieved impressive results.Not a member OF ANY gym, unfortunately I have to speak, when they see my credentials do not tell me that I can afford right now working for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Puerto Rico (head coach, fitness center), but nevertheless I have suggested that pass my knowledge to everyone who so desires, and also decided to make this blog for all those who will not afraid of the results, the discipline and want to improve their physique. dmendez1349