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If you want to live in a dorm or an apartment for one person, the above figure would add at least 2,000 euros. In the case of cities such as Valencia, Sevilla, Murcia and Zaragoza, the annual cost could be reduced by between 10 and 15 . But the best option for more modest pockets reside in provincial capitals such as Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela and Granada, which have a long university tradition and where the annual costs can be up to 25 lower than in the big cities. The cost of the first enrollment in a Spanish public university ranges between 450 and 900 euros per course. The price varies depending on the institution chosen, the experimental level of career and educational level (undergraduate or graduate). Eat You have probably heard of tapas (small portions of various dishes prepared or traditional products). Ask fellow Spanish tapas bars do you recommend, since the quality and price can vary greatly. For menus, ask for the menu du jour. In Spain, restaurants are required by law to offer a menu of these features, which involves offering several first and second courses to choose from, and generally also include coffee or dessert, bread and beverage service in the price. Most universities have student restaurants, which are pretty cheap and generally well. Money There is no limit to the amount of money that can be transferred from foreign bank accounts to the Spanish. You can also enter the country and get 6000 without declararlos.Las credit cards and travelers checks are a convenient way to pay expenses. They can be used to pay in shops or to withdraw cash at many banks. Good to know that we charge a commission each time you use an ATM to get cash with a foreign card, as well to consider opening a Spanish bank account during the stay in the country. Health If you are covered by the national health system in your home country and during your stay in Spain have a health problem, you can go to any Social Security center where a doctor can prescribe appropriate treatment or refer you to a specialist if necessary. In case of serious illness or accident, any Social Security hospital will treat you as long as necessary.