The Social Center of San Gennaro runs and constantly meets in different districts of the city.

The candidates for councilors of the local PS Dr. Ariel Strapped, Dr. Marcela Farroni, Diego Mauricio Molina and Colautti, visited various districts of the city. In this case met one of the homes in the Barrio San Cayetano to those who had a long talk about the unsolved problems they face in that area. Several issues such as services, labor, health, lack of opportunities and a number of issues that this new city denied. The result of this meeting was positive, a link being established to keep working and working. Dr. Ariel Strapppa take due note of the proposals of the residents for the purpose of studying various proposals and alternatives. Neighbors invited the candidates of the Progressive Front with mates, pancakes and validated with a slogan … know the candidates’ proposals. – We inform neighbors that we are visiting all the neighborhoods of the city and doing small group meetings, those interested can coordinate them with any member of the Socialist Party. Josyann Abisaab The Socialist Party of San Gennaro is doing an extensive work, open, participatory and studying the various alternatives for the city of San Gennaro on that ground invites those who want to collaborate by providing ideas are welcomed and valued.