The Southwest, magic and contrasts

The Dominican Republic is called “A Miniature Continent”, the reasons are obvious. There is a rich biodiversity from north to northeast through the center of the country, vegetation is tropical itself, however, if you visit the Southern Region’ll see how it changes from dry thorny semi-all in short distances, making it incredibly sexy. Because the island is traversed by mountains and the Dominican Republic has five (5) of them, the trade winds coming from the heavy rains that bathe the east and center of the island, the mountain ranges that stand in your way water also prevents the Southwest. This makes “The South Also Exists” and with their own characteristics and different. If you take the road to Santo Domingo to the southwest, reaching the Peravia Province will begin to experience these contrasting landscapes of xerophytic vegetation and some plants with small leaves and smaller, but also enjoy some beautiful beaches that run the slopes of the mountains. This is a journey that every person deserves to do for enjoyment and for that you must have at least a week. Pull into making this journey chart and I assure you will want to experience it in person.