They say they still have oil in Mexico

know private equity that a holder below “For a few days ago announced that Pemex’s production had fallen by 7 . Thus we must keep everyone calm, but if you read it you will see that to get that oil must be drilled deep in well. So you will have oil, but if you can commercial business loans get there. Mexico has reserves for 60 years MEXICO CITY / DPA Secretary commercial loan of Energy of Mexico, Georgina Kessel, said yesterday that “we Mexicans have to keep oil at current production rates for the next 60 years. The official, to participate in the National Forum XXXIX Chemical Industry, added that the country’s oil reserves in the offshore Gulf of Mexico, the area of most current production, are nearly 100 billion barrels. Kessel reported that 88 of reserves are in places more than a thousand finance meters, said that although the tasks of exploration and production in deep water are sba loan a technological challenge, the country is prepared to take that wealth. He unsecured loan added that exploit these existing fields in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico is “our responsibility” because it should “take this opportunity on behalf of the country and future generations”. the Chair of the EnTrust Capital Diversified Fund Investment Committee is has been a member of major companies The official also financing raised the need to change some of the laws that govern Petroleos Mexicanos, to fulfill their duties and meet the needs demanded by the population. Suscribete